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Purpose built for Music Publishers, Chordata creates the infrastructure to turbocharge your team, business, and future.

Purpose-built by Music Publishers for Music Publishers, Chordata is a game-changing, comprehensive cloud-based solution serving all functions of music publishing.

Tune-Up Every Facet of Your Business

Copyright Management
Underlying musical works are different from products created from them and their derivatives, and Chordata makes it easy to see the complex connections at a glance.
Auto-generates contracts
IP data visualization map
Digital Assets Management
Your PDFs, product images, audio files and marketing media such as headshots, and brochures are all stored in the same place as the relevant data for each product with version control.
Digital conversion
IDML templates
MP3 & PDF tagging
Musical Data Management
Robust data validation for complex musical concepts such as keys and tempi. Handles all the complexities of instrumentation and ensembles.
Instrumentation and ensembles
Keys, tempi, and ranges
Program notes text editor
Contacts Management
From composers, arrangers and librettists to publishing partners, payees and more, manage them all in one place with everything from their biographies to phone numbers to their musical works and products.
Fully handles names and aliases
DBA (Doing Business As)
Manages roles (composer/arranger)
Smart Search
Flexible global searching allows you to do text searches on the entire database. A highly specialized advanced search allows the user to create queries with detailed accuracy which can be saved for later use.
Quick search
Advanced search
Save-and-share queries
Product Data Management
All your products’ musical data, website descriptions, warehouse data, print specs, and sales data in one interface, plus easy access to the files for quick reference.
Centralized data source
Full text editor for descriptions
Categorization and custom tagging
A built-in calculator automatically takes the terms from contracts combined with sales, rental, and licensing revenue to generate royalty reports for each composer.
Worry-free reporting
Handles complex royalties
Chordata automatically synchronizes your data between Microsoft NAV, Magento websites, HLMSW, Zinfonia, in©, the UIC, and digital music platforms (Newzik and forScore). Other integrations are possible, please inquire.
Real-time integrations with ERP
Interface with digital platforms
Automatic updates everywhere

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